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About LIFE, The Paradox

Thank God… I “FAILED”


“I failed to clear my campus interviews because I was not able to form a complete sentence in English”

In retrospect, I feel much grateful for the invaluable learnings some of my biggest failures, losses and struggles provided me. They had greater and far reaching impacts in my life than my successes.

I would actually like to call my successes boosters or stepping stones that can help me catch up with my breath, become stronger and more courageous to get prepared to face even bigger failures as my life moves along.


Life is like a river

I always feel human life is like a river and I wish to live it that way, to enjoy the surprises the next moment may bring; reflecting its true spirit of flowing continuously and exuding divinity. Sometime it brings me blooming flowers to light up my day and on some occasions it pounded big boulders on me.

When a river originates from the pristine wilderness, it is in its purest form just like how pure we were when we were born. As the river flows, it takes all it possibly can along its paths similar to our pursuit of learning and getting educated. Sometimes it changes its course when it meets a boulder it cannot move. Likewise, our lives too change when we meet with things that are not in our full control and cannot be changed. All along its journey towards the ocean, it passes through lots of places and people of different culture, color, character and creed. Some respect it; some even worship it; while some tread it and consider it a drain to just wash their sins off.


Similarly, we too come across many people in our lives. Some care for us and respect us; some support us during our struggles while some just fly off after benefiting from us. Nevertheless, like a river, our lives continue to move on and they must do so.

I just love the sound when a rock or boulder impedes the flow of a river and the same way, I learn (and am still learning) to love the overall experience when going through difficult times considering the value of the learnings.


I learnt so much from my failures and losses and while enduring my struggles than enjoying in my so-called successes. Those moments when I felt completely lost and worthless; when I was the most embarrassed; and when I was in utter despair are vivid in my memory and will remain so till my lifetime.

I value these difficult moments much more than the intermittent joyous occasions of successes that I enjoyed in the past and expect to have in future.

Blossoms or boulders?

It doesn’t matter what I get tomorrow – blossoms or boulders – but I like to live my life flowing like a river and be thankful to God for giving me failures and losses only to emerge a better human being from my hardships.

So, God !!! thank you…. I “FAILED”



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